History of Easy Golf Tour

In the beginning...

Working in the golf industry for over 20 years, Todd Chant worked closely with golf professionals and general managers from a variety of courses. During this time , Todd could see the frustration golf courses had experienced while running tournaments. This was the beginning of Easy Golf Tour.

In 2016, Easy Golf Tour began meeting with golf courses across Atlantic Canada. During these meetings, we learned from courses what they truly wanted and needed to run a tournament not only successfully, but efficiently and cost effectively. Over the next year, Easy Golf Tour began to develop our software based on the interviews from these courses.

The release

In July of 2017, Easy Golf Tour launched our prototype system at Lingan Golf Club in Sydney, Nova Scotia to manage the largest invitational golf tournament in Eastern Canada, the Road Builders. With our software, course operators were able to run and manage the tournament 80% more efficiently than their pervious methods.

Over the rest of the season, Easy Golf Tour's system was used to manage dozens of tournaments. With each tournament, we were able to enhance our software to make it even better. With the help of feedback from golfers and the staff at Lingan Golf Club, we created a platform that is designed and tested to work for any course.

The Present

Presently, we are launching our product for the 2018 golf season. As of April 15th, Easy Golf Tour will be available for every golf course in North America. With our unique system, golf courses can be up and running their first tournament in under one minute and begin accepting registration for tournaments in under five minutes. Our white labelled solution integrates completely in to your course's website, there is no need for 3rd party sites.

Not only has Easy Golf Tour's software started to get the attention of golf courses throughout North America, but this year we also became an official partner with the Nation Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA). The NGCOA has recognized that Easy Golf Tour is designed to benefit courses, and through this partnership, makes it easier for their members to obtain our software. All NGCOA members automatically receive a $200/Year discount off our yearly fee. This gives your course a fully featured tournament software platform for only $699/Year.

The Future

Our goal is to create a tournament solution designed to benefit our customers in any way we can. We work closely with our customers and partners to continually improve our product. We will continue to add features to our software based on real feedback from our users. Together, Easy Golf Tour will work with courses to customize our software to give it the flexibility that your course needs.

Our Software